How You can Avoid Food Allergies in Babies

Many new parents are concerned with their newborns becoming allergic to different kinds of food. Many parents also wonder, if one child already has food allergies, how can a pregnant woman help ensure that her next child won’t be affected too?

Researchers at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, Australia, claims that their latest research has found, that the best way to avoid food allergy is to wholly avoid exposure to the food the child is allergic to. The avoidance should last at least from the third trimester until the second year of life.

70% of the babies born to mothers who took avoidance measures had no food allergies. In the cases where the moms did not follow the doctor’s avoidance advice, the number was instead 45%.

Remember, eliminating the offending food from the children does not only mean eliminating if from their diet, but also from their environment. The pediatrician and study leader Valencia Soutter says, “take peanut allergies, for example. If someone eats a lot of peanuts in your house, there is going to be aerosolized peanut protein in the environment. You need a clean household.”

The study, presented at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Acacemy of Allergy, Asthma / Immunology, involved 274 pregnant mothers of children with peanut, milk or egg allergies. The study results were staggering. 30% of babies born to mothers who took avoidance measures had one or more food allergies. Amongst the mothers who did not take the avoidance measures, the number was insead 55%.

Babies born to mothers who took avoidance measures were less likely to develop symptoms of asthma (only 11% with symptoms by the age of 3, compared to 43% of the babies whos mothers did not follow the advice!).

However, according to Robert Wood, MD and director of the division of pediatric allergy and immunology at John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, pregnant women should not feel guilty for not following the avoidance measures and advices. He says that even though exposure to food allergens during pregnancy seems to be a risk factor in many studies, the results are not wholly consistent and at present we are still lacking the full answer.

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2 Responses to “How You can Avoid Food Allergies in Babies”

  1. Zoila Cecot Says:

    can you post more often on health? your posts are golden

  2. Allergy Symptoms - Allergy Testing Says:

    It is right that pregnant womens should avoid food of which they are allergic to, for the childs safety, but at the same-time pregnant womens need healthy food for herself and child…

    Egg is a source for protein, if women is allergic to egg, than what…
    I think alternative food is the best excercise other than medicines, to complete the required source…


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